Hospederías de Extremadura Adaptation

Reservations for restaurants:

For your security, all our restaurant services require prior reservation.

In addition, we extended the schedules of the services of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Safety measures:

Hospederías de Extremadura 4* hotels comply with all the security measures dictated by the authorities, as well as other additional measures for your peace of mind, among which we highlight:

  • Cleaning and quarantine of rooms: when entering the room, it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. In addition, in general, between one check-out and the next check-in, each room is kept unoccupied with a 48-hour quarantine.
  • Breakfast a la carte: Temporarily, we do not offer buffet breakfast. The service is provided with breakfast a la carte.
  • Other services: For your safety, the services of Children's Park, Paddle Tennis Court, Gym, SPA and laundry for clients are temporarily unavailable.

Minimum stay could apply:

A minimum stay may apply depending on the date and hotel chosen, especially on weekends and holidays, but also during weekdays depending on the availability.

Please, If you cannot obtain availability on our website or receive an error message, please check with the hotel by phone or increase the length of your stay.

Extension of the validity of Gift Boxes:

All Gift Boxes of the 2021 edition (which had an expiration date of March 15, 2021) have an automatic extension of validity until June 30, 2021, without the holder having to request it.

More information:

The information in this section is being continuously updated. However, if you have any other questions not covered in this text, you can contact us through the contact form.