Pets in Hospederías de Extremadura

Hospederías de Extremadura offers rooms for travelling with pets.

This service is available on request and subject to an additional supplement.

Please indicate your intention to travel with your pet at the time of booking.



In order to ensure the comfort of all the users of the services provided by Hospederías de Extremadura, our pet policy is governed by the following conditions:

  1. We accept a maximum of 2 pets per booking, each weighing 15 kg or less.
  2. Your pet must be restrained when moving from the room to the outside, i.e. it must always be on a leash.
  3. It is forbidden to use the common areas (cloister, corridors, reception, restaurant, cafeteria, swimming pool and garden areas), except to take the pet to the room.
  4. Your pet is not allowed in the restaurant areas.
  5. For safety reasons, your pet must never be left alone in the room. If you have to leave your pet in exceptional circumstances, always leave it in its carrier or cage so that the technical or cleaning services can access your room without complications. The Hospedería reserves the right of daily cleaning or maintenance of your room and declines any responsibility derived from the non-compliance of this rule.
  6. Do not bathe your pet in the Hospedería's bathroom or use the towels to dry it. For hygienic reasons, your pet must not sleep on the bed/s or other room furniture not specifically designed for pets.
  7. The person holding the reservation under which the pet stays at the Hospedería, must comply with current regulations and will be responsible for any actions that may result from the behaviour of the pet, exempting the Hospedería from any responsibility.
  8. In case of noise or disturbance caused by the pet, the Hospedería reserves the right to discontinue all services provided to the person whose pet is causing such disturbances.
  9. A vaccination certificate will be required.
  10. Pets must be kept clean.
  11. In the room you will find specific equipment for pets, on request. If you are interested, you must request it to the reception department 24 hours before your arrival at the hotel. The equipment consists of a toy and wipes kit, a feeder and a bed. The feeder and bed have to be returned after use.
  12. The accommodation of your pet will have a supplement in the room of 15 € per room per night per pet.
  13. Additional charges may be made to your account in the event of damage to the room, damage to the guesthouse equipment, disorder and/or excessive dirtiness.
  14. In the event that the equipment (feeder and bed) is not returned, its price will be charged to the account of the person making the reservation upon departure from the Hotel.
  15. The person making the reservation will be legally responsible for any possible incident caused directly or indirectly by their pet.

You can download these conditions in PDF (Spanish) by clicking here.