Las Hurdes

The surroundings of the region of Las Hurdes is one of the most privileged rural tourism areas in Cáceres, with abundant pristine nature, a pleasant climate with cool summers and a spectacle of meandering rivers with crystalline waters, natural pools and impressive landscapes.

Hurdes: Starlight Destination

The region of Las Hurdes has Starlight certification since late 2021 in recognition of the quality of its night sky for astronomical observation. Photo: José Parejo

Meancera Waterfall hiking route

This route is short and intense, but with a reward at the end in the form of a waterfall around 100 metres tall which falls into the void over the mountainside. The trail goes along rivers and streams, mountain ranges and villages of unparalleled beauty.

El Chorritero route

This is another of the most spectacular routes in Las Hurdes, with access from the village of Ovejuela. At the end of the path, the lovely waterfall offers an unforgettable picture-postcard image at any time of year, where one can even take a refreshing dip in summer.

"Charco de la Olla" natural swimming pool

It is located one kilometre from our Hospedería, where the rivers Batuecas and Ladrillar converge. In summer, it becomes a natural swimming pool for this tiny village, and has the services necessary to enjoy a splendid day of bathing.

Interpretation centres

An essential visit for seeing, understanding and enjoying the culture, tradition, gastronomy and crafts of Las Hurdes. The region has the following interpretation centres: Las Hurdes House, Craft, Honey, Olive Tree, Water and Hurdes.

El Gasco

This municipality is famous for its meanders and for the volcano of El Gasco, which was formed by a meteorite impact two million years ago. The presence of ringwoodite identifies it as something unique throughout the entire world.

International Apiculture and Tourism Fair

This is a fair of international significance within the beekeeping sector. It offers a broad programme of activities and technical symposia which comprise a meeting place for honey enthusiasts.

Carnaval Hurdano

Declared a Fiesta of interest for tourists in Extremadura in October 2017, the Las Hurdes carnival is one of the most singular in Spain. It is held in a different town every year, where one can find the characters from the collective imagination, legends and typical regional gastronomy.

La Enramá

Declared a Fiesta of interest for tourists in Extremadura, this festival is held in late August in the municipality of Pinofranqueado (30 minutes from our Hospedería).